Fashion designer Kiran Uttam Ghosh launched her new collection Multiplicity that underlines her evolution 



Supreeta Singh

Just before leaving home, she broke her fingernail and arrived 45 minutes late to the launch of her own collection. By that time, 85 Lansdowne was a flurry of activities with Kiran Uttam Ghosh’s dedicated line of clientele immersed in trying the designer’s latest offering called ‘Multiplicity’.
Touted as a pop-up store, the exhibit was an ordinary showcasing of clothes and accessories. While the garments consisted of ethnic wear and western drapes, leather bags in yellow, red, peach, blue, black and white fitted into the accessories section.
 Talking about her motivation, Kiran explained, “I have evolved as a person and as a fashion designer. My collection represents that spirit in multiple techniques, ideas and thoughts.”  She further added, “All designers do the same thing but the world has forgotten simplicity and that’s me. The idea is to tell the story with elegance and not shout from the rooftop.” Translating this into fashion sensibility, Kiran’s collection is divided into layered drapes in metallic coral, gold and camel shades in fabrics like satin, brocade and chiffon. The styles and silhouettes vary with detachable neck-pieces that add to the ornamentation. On a different note, there are voluminous anarkali kameez in blazing red, emerald green and smooth white coupled with trailing dupattas and a golden metallic texture on the border. Jersey sarees for the young bride and crushed drapes in purple, green, black and red also feature in the collection.
 Apart from being a designer, Kiran also played the part of a flawless salesperson, answering every query of her young and old clients, explaining the convenience of a particular drape and fabric, recommending colour and cuts, and advising on style and comfort. “I think I am the worst salesman but when I see someone making a wrong choice for themselves I always speak up,” she said.
 Since most of her clients were looking for wedding apparel, Kiran doled out wisdom on how to look fetching on such an occasion. “Wearing a saree is not outdated. If you wear a chic blouse or choli with a saree then you won’t have to look like a behenji. I always say that be an aunty but not an aunty ji!”
 To Kiran, simple things make a long-lasting impression. “When you dress up, people should notice it and remember you. Just by adding a little drama to the way you drape a saree, a boat neck choli, a clutch in a vibrant shade and classy jewellery can lift your look. Today, the Indian client is ready to accept metallic colours in gold and coral that goes very well during pre or post-wedding events,” said Kiran. 
 After reaching a milestone with her accessory line, what’s next for the designer? “I want to make more beautiful clothes and reach out to more people. The next 100 ideas are ready in my mind,” she smiled.