Shauli Chakraborty

Film: Takhan Teish
Director: Atanu Ghosh
Cast: Jisshu Sengupta, Indrani Halder, Paoli Dam, Aparijita Ghosh Das, Tanushree Shankar
Rating: Average

There are some filmmakers who want to make good films but lose focus somewhere in between. And there are others who are in complete control all the time. Atanu Ghosh, as far as Takhon Teish is concerned, belongs to the first category. One is taken aback by the casting visuals, put off by the continuous, unnecessary and on-your-face sexual undertones that pop up at regular intervals. By the time the credits roll one is itching to rush for the exit!
The cast is impressive but the script disappoints big time. The film revolves around Jisshu and his confrontations with the four women in his life. They are his mother (Tanushree), his biology teacher (Indrani), his Facebook buddy (Aparajita) and his ultimate fantasy Mohini (Paoli). Jisshu’s portrayal of Tamodeep is good but could have been much better. After Abohoman and Arekti Premer Golpo, the audience is not prepared to accept such mediocre performance from an actor of his calibre. 
Even if Paoli Dam is being touted as one of the most promising actors, her performance in the film raises questioning eyebrows. The lady had serious difficulty in getting into the skin of her character. If her acting in Moner Manush was average, here it is bad. All her characters seem to share a strong family resemblance when it comes to the lovemaking scenes! Aparajita, on the other hand, looks fresh and comes up with a mature act. Indrani is her usual effortless self. We only wish the sylist had managed to find a more suitable wig for her.
One person who deserves special mention is Tanushree Shankar. She plays the possessive yet sophisticated mother to the tee. Hats off to the lady for managing to look like a million bucks even at this stage of her career. Rajatabha Dutta is first rate and Locket Chatterjee makes a mark with her three-minute cameo.
The film, however, needed more editing. Also the dialogues are repetitive and reflect the script writer’s lethargic take on his characters’ imaginations. For example amar ek durshomporker dadu amay dekhe bolechilen, cheleta boro hoye artist hobe nahole baari chere chole jabe (when one of my distant grandfathers saw me he said I would either grow up to be an artist or run away from home) is a prophecy that echoes in Tamodeep’s mind all the time. But the dialogue needn’t have echoed throughout the film. There are numerous other ways to depict resonance. Of course, the choice to use them would have been his but the possibility of boredom should have crossed the mind of the director of Angshumaner Chhobi.
Expectations were high from this film. Sadly, pre-release hype seems to have found more takers than the film itself!