Priyadarshini Chatterjee



Film: Fighter Marbo noy Morbo
Director: Ravi Kinnagi
Cast: Jeet, Srabanti, Ferdaus, Ashish Vidyarthi, Boiplab Chatterjee, Bharat Kaul
Rating: Average

Tollywood superstar Jeet and director Ravi Kinnagi, the awesome twosome who have delivered hits like Champion and Wanted, are back with yet another cinematic venture Fighter, Marbo noy Morbo. The film, as suggested by the title, is an action thriller and epitomises the proverbial ‘old wine in a new bottle’. There is an honest police officer, the corrupt police chief, a coldblooded villain, the happy family shattered eventually and the angry brother who seeks revenge. Every ingredient for the archetypal action drama is sprinkled with added pizzazz of foreign locales and perky music.
ACP Bose (Ferdaus) is an honest and principled police officer, who is transferred to a new town plagued by the atrocities of Section Shankar, the vicious local hoodlum who kills anyone and everyone that comes in the way of his real-estate ambitions. What’s worse is that Section Shankar leaves no witnesses either, a lesson he learnt during his stint at appearing in court as false witness. ACP Bose, upon taking charge, is hell bent on eliminating Section Shankar to task, but Bose’s superior, the DIG of Police (Biplab Chatterjee) Shankar’s accomplice manages to save Shankar every time. Nonetheless Bose unleashes a series of lethal operations on Shankar’s enterprises and although he can’t touch Shankar, he manages to seal his empire.
Another facet of his life, is Bose’s family comprising, his journalist father, the good-humouredly tyrant mother, his wife, his daughter and his brother Surjo, who is played by Jeet, the college hero, also Bose’s pet. Their’s is a happy loving family and Surjo swears by his elder brother. Much like his brother, he is a man of honour and tolerates no evil. His love interest, Indu (Srabanti), is a rich girl who chances upon Bose and his family on a train and through a series of funny incidents, ends up falling in love with Surjo. However, the story becomes sombre when Bose falls prey to the wrath of Section Shankar, who manages not only to take his life but also malign his reputation, projecting him as a corrupt officer who has played with public sentiments and squandered away public funds. Now it is for his brother, Surjo, to avenge the wrong done to his brother.
The first half of the film is a mix of light hearted fun, college life, family moments and the serious pursuit of evil while the second half is crammed full with action sequences. Music by Indradeep Dasgupta is commendable although the songs are not always aptly placed in the course of the film and are sometimes irritating interruptions. The film, however, boasts of some spectacular action sequences (with a touch of MI here and there) and a thrilling background score. The movie however doesn’t boast of smooth transitions between scenes and at times seems bumpy.
The scene introducing Jeet sees him hanging upside down, donning bloodied wounds and his much anticipated eight-pack. Jeet’s performance is the hook in the film and his abs were worth appreciating. Srabanti’s performance as a headstrong girl is more than commendable. Peppered with Biswajit’s comedy and a few catchy dialogues, the film is overall worth one watch.