The filmmaker talks about his upcoming film, System, and more


Diganta Guha

He is known for delivering hard-hitting films like Kranti and Risk and he has done it yet again. Filmmaker Riingo carries on his tradition of making hard-line cinema with his upcoming venture System. The film, starring Indraneil Sengupta, Indrajit, Subhra Kundu, Barun Chanda and others, is based on the underworld system in Kolkata. “In Tollywood nothing much has been done on the underworld. The producers seem to shy away from the subject, although it’s very popular with Bollywood filmmakers,” says Riingo. “But thanks to the media and its explicit coverage of the underworld, Kolkata is ready to handle such a subject,” he adds. Tollywood’s last take on the underworld was Bratya Basu’s Raasta starring Mithun Chakraborty, Amitabha Bhattacharya and others.
System is actually a trilogy. As many as three stories unfold in the course of the film, each exploring different aspects of the underworld. “It is a full-fledged action film and also Indraneil’s first action drama. He has worked really hard, both physically and mentally, in preparing for the role,” says the director. According to Riingo the pivotal concept of the film is different. He is of the view that for gangsters, killing people is merely their profession, “You report and write, I make films, they kill people. The underworld doesn’t necessarily mean goondas. They are people like you and me, they dress up like us and some of them are quite educated as well,” says the filmmaker commending the underworld’s organization skills too. Riingo has also tried to explore the parallel power system.
As for action, Riingo informs that the film has loads of it, including a road fight in Kolkata. “We will shoot a car chase sequence in Mandarmani,” says Riingo whose shooting locations also include Himachal Pradesh and the Thar desert. “I have never worked in Himachal, I plan to shoot a song sequence there,” adds the filmmaker.
Every filmmaker has an inspiration. So what inspired Riingo to make such a film? “It’s the flamboyance of the characters in underworld sagas that has inspired me. Every individual is a rebel in some sense. Again the parallel system needs to be explored,” says Riingo. However, the filmmaker informs no particular film or book has influenced him to make System.
“Technologically we have advanced quite a lot. People are coming to the theatres to watch good films like Moner Manush, which has been liked by people of all classes. That’s a very positive sign,” says Riingo. He feels that his film System has happened at the right time. “I have no target audience in my mind. My aim is to make a good film so that people come to watch it,” he says. We hope it works.