Diganta Guha
Film: Toonpur Ka Superherro
Director: Kireet Khurana
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Kajol, Tanujaa, Raza Murad and Mukesh Tiwari
Rating: Good

Ajay Devgn is an actor who is never short of energy. If on one hand he tries a Golmaal, he is not scared to be the maverick gangster in Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai. It is not at all surprising that his zeal and hunger for variety continues even after spending 17-18 years in the industry. 
In Toonpur Ka Superherro, he takes to animation. He is a superhero who fights for a cause on behalf of the residents of Toonpur. And guess what: all the residents are animation characters. Toonpur… is a brave effort on the part of Devgn and director Kireet Khurana.
And it certainly has a lot in it to attract kids. The best part of the movie is that even elders can enjoy it even though it tends to get stereotypical at times. And when it is an animation film obviously it will have a lot of humour and innocuous spoofs on Bappi Lahiri and Kareena Kapoor are worth mentioning.
More than the performances of the actors, it is essential to talk of the technical aspect of the film which is the most noteworthy feature of Toonpur…. In terms of plot (Khurana and Raagi Bhatnagar), it is simple and all about the good vs bad. But, the glossy look of the film and the animation techniques used are worth remembering. The action sequences are the best part of the movie thanks to action director Jack Gill. The stunts and fights are depicted with perfection, specially when a human character (Devgn) is in the thick of things along with animated characters.
An animation film depends a lot on dialogues and a screenplay that the audience can relate to. In this case dialogue writer Farooqi and Bhatnagar deserve a mention. Devgn does a decent job as does Kajol. It is also great to see Tanujaa back on screen after ages.
So, what are its chances at the box-office? The much-hyped Tees Maar Khan can cut into Toonpur…business. The two films are entirely different and so is the audience each is catering to.
Sounak, a six-year old boy was all smiles after coming out of the theatre. “Maa, I will watch the film again. Let’s watch it today only.”
Overall, the film should do decent business at the box-office, if it doesn’t then our indifference towards unique attempts will be vindicated. It’s funny and worth enjoying.