Sudipta Dey

Film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Ralph Fiennes
Directior: David Yates
Rating: Good

If you are not a Harry Potter fan, don’t watch it. And don’t take your kid to watch it because it isn’t bedtime folklore anymore. The characters have grown up, as all Potter-fans have while reading about the magical world for over a decade now. Harry Potter turns 17 and is no longer under the supervision of the magical school of Hogwarts. He is seen wandering the streets of London and beautifully captured picturesque landscapes, with his friends, fighting on his own. 
The film keeps the continuity, doing justice to the book with every frame. Unlike other series, it does not go back and forth in flashes to refresh the audience’s memory of what happened in the last six films. Though director David Yates has taken a few liberties to change some things here and there (read additions not in the book), he has managed to keep the essence of the story intact.
Harry, Hermione and Ron are their usual selves. The beginning of the film is a bit grim and continues to be so throughout. It is more like a build up, setting the stage for the final duel between the Dark Lord and Harry Potter. The ensemble cast has done its bit. The slow pace continues right till the middle but is compensated with a bit of magic from then onwards.
The plot in itself is not that impressive, as there isn’t much to discover. The film begins with Harry leaving Privet Drive, with his usual entourage. The trio spends most of their time in the woods and beautiful landscapes. Cinematographically, it is a visual treat. To visualise something that beautiful in wide angle is definitely a feat worth appreciating.
Another high point is the story of the Three Brothers, from The Tales of Beadles the Bard. The sequence where Luna Lovegood’s father narrates the story, is animated in the shadow-puppet format. The detailed illustration is a brilliant amplification of the possible depictions.
Yate’s decision of dividing JK Rowling’s final book into two parts is wise as he has effectively managed to pack in as many things as possible from the book in this film. The film ends at a crucial point giving away just enough to keep the curiosity going till the release of Part 2. HP 7 Part 1 will definitely whet your appetite for the grand finale.
Go watch it!