Film: Dui Prithibi
Cast: Jeet, Koel, Dev
Direction: Raj Chakraborty
Rate: Average
Sudipta Dey
Dui Prthibi has every element of a typical Raj Chakraborty film — drama, action, romance, songs in foreign locales and great cinematography. It also has a strong social message which gets lost in the process of commercialisation.
It would be wrong to say that it is a remake of The Motorcycle Diaries, but yes, the basic structure has been inspired by it. Dui Prthibi, however, is a love story. Rahul Roy (Jeet), son of one of the leading industrialists, falls in love with a middle class doctor Nandini Sen (Koel). She leaves him after finding out the truth about the relationship. Rahul sets off to find her, from Kolkata to Lalgarh. On the way he meets Shibu (Dev) who becomes his companion for the journey.
Raj’s expertise in weaving the story is undoubtedly good. But in the process of storytelling he misses out on the finer details that would have struck a chord with his audience. We understand Rahul falling in love with Nandini, who teaches him to roll down the tinted glasses of his AC car and look at the real world. But we fail to understand why Nandini falls in love with Rahul, who is self centered and disrespectful.
Rahul rides from one end of the town to the other in search of his love and in the process he finds his identity or rather builds up an identity of his own. There is an interesting part of the film, where they are captured by the Maoists. The interaction between them speaks strongly of the current political scenario in Bengal. The stormy rainy night in the forest has been shot beautifully and conceptualised well. It was probably one of the high points of the film after the aesthetically pleasing Venice canals and gondolas, which feature in three songs. 
Though the film falters in some places, it is a good-looking film. It was a smart move to bring the two reigning actors together in one film, which assures an audience comprising fans of both Jeet and Dev. Jeet suits the character of a spoilt rich guy comfortably and Dev essays the role of a brash village boy to perfection. Even then he needs to brush up on his emoting skills. Koel essays the role of a simple girl brilliantly.
If not for anything else, just grab a ticket to watch the three heartthrobs of Tollywood come together in one film. Added attraction, Barkha Bisht in two item numbers.