Sudipta Dey
A boy and a girl who don’t wish to grow up, live in their world of fantasy where they imagine themselves to be secret agents on different missions. They start all conversations with a ‘password’ or ‘code’. When they accidentally bump into each other on a highway, they hit it off on  a simliar note. She introduces herself as agent Green Spider; he names himself agent Mr India. Both rush off in a car, as if they were on a secret mission.
Initially it might seem like a graphic novel, but it’s not. Birsa Dasgupta, who made his debut in the industry with the cult film 033, is going to present his audience with another entertaining story, Cinamaye Jamone Hoye. It will be a one-hour telefilm for Star Jalsha’s Pujo Special. His telefilms have won many accolades across the country. Birsa Dasgupta is back behind the camera after almost a year-long hiatus.
“It has been a while since I went behind the camera. I thrive on that, I love the feeling of directing a scene,” says Birsa, who is planning his next film early next year.
Recently, he was shooting in Café Bindass, near Salt lake swimming pool, with his lead actress Aparajita Ghosh Das and actor-director Srijit Mukherji.
“The girl is supposed to get married to an NRI, played by Srijit. They meet in this café to discuss their wedding plans,” explains Birsa.
He also went to Bolpur to shoot a few scenes for the telefilm. “I don’t like scenes confined inside a room. The story demands a lot of outdoors, cafes, highways and such places. I shot two scenes in the Elambazaar jungle as well,” says the excited director.
But what made Birsa choose a telefilm? “Why not? I have done telefilms before and its Puja, a time to celebrate. Cinemaye Jamone Hoye is a romantic story. One of the reasons for taking it up was I have not directed anything for quite some time now. Also Cinemaye.. has a gripping storyline,” says Birsa, who was offered to direct last year’s Pujo Special telefilm for Star Jalsha but had to opt out of the project because of prior commitments.
The lead actor in this telefilm is Dhruv Mookerji who was part of his first venture 033 too. The rest of the cast includes Sourav Chatterjee, Arpita Mukherjee, Ardhendu Banerjee and Chaitali Dasgupta.
The telefilm will be aired on October 9 on Star Jalsha.