Supreeta Singh

There is no proved data that says they work. But since time immemorial, aphrodisiacs have been believed to enhance romantic inclinations and sexual desire. Some of the most popular items include chocolates, oysters, artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes, figs, caviar, champagne, truffles and strawberries. Certain herbs and plants like ginseng are also counted among the foods of love. No wonder chef Davide Cananzi decided to try a new menu at Underground, a place where young lovers come to groove. Items like Argentina lamb patties, celery and caviar mousse, sushi platter, asparagus of cupid and Blue cheese and prunes tart promise to raise temperatures at the nightclub.

“I love storms! People usually close their windows and doors when a strong tempest comes blowing. But I throw open my windows and just breathe in the raging storm, let my hair flow and feel exhilarated. Wine too gives me a huge kick!”
— Priyanka Pal | Model and Actress

“A glass of red wine sets me on the road to romantic daydreaming. Another thing that stimulates my senses is a set of DVD collection presented to me by my friend. It’s a collection of songs by Simon and Garfunkel. It came with a note from Rotterdam that said, ‘old friends know that they think about each other’. Whenever I listen to it, I feel like I am on the moon.”
— Swastika Mukherjee |  Actress

“I am not a very romantic person and material things don’t turn me on. I like the fragrance of a good floral perfume, the dreamy mystery of winter evenings and the slight intoxication of red wine. But above everything else, I admire a sense of humour and intelligence. Women with these qualities are supremely attractive!”
— Abir Chatterjee | Actor

“Spicy Chinese food, a good fragrance and chocolates turn me on. A woman wearing Clinique Happy smells exquisite. And well made chocolate made with pure cocoa is sure to excite me.”
— Girish | DJ

“Good food, intelligence and holiday spots. A few strums of the flamenco guitar accompanied by good red wine, intelligent and stimulating company and balmy weather is a sure turn-on for me.”
— Purbayan Chatterjee | Musician

“What I love is watching the sunset or sunrise with my wife. Amongst the most romantic moments in our lives was when we saw the sunset together at Santorini Island in Greece and the sunrise over the Ganga at Brahma Ghat, Benaras. My wife is strikingly good-looking. But something about the soft rays of the sun make her seem even more beautiful. However, the biggest aphrodisiac is your mind. You don’t really need any food for it!” — Amish Tripathi | Author