Film: Robot
Director: S Shankar
Cast: Rajnikant, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Danny Denzongpa
Rate: Average

Shauli Chakraborty
Robot, Rajnikant’s most awaited movie of the year, will surprise you in more ways than one. First, the 60-year-old hero’s 20-years younger look. Second, Aishwarya Rai’s ability to carry outrageous costumes with elan. Third, A R Rahman’s repetitive tunes. And fourth, the lyrics.
The film is about a scientist’s ambition to get his creation — a robot that looks and behaves like him — approved by the Army and help defence forces fight terrorists. However, things go horribly wrong in between and he soon realises the implications of programming emotions into a machine, which in no way is an ordinary robot. Meanwhile, the bad guys influence Chitti (yes you got it right. The robot is called Chitti) to join them little knowing he will finish them off as well. All hell breaks loose when Chitti kidnaps his creator’s fiancée and expresses his desire to marry her. He even tries to woo her with clothes and jewellery — all of which have been stolen. He comes up with the idea to insert a certain chrome into her which will make her the first woman to give birth to a child with genes of humans and robots! The rest of the movie is spent in his creator trying to outsmart the robot and restoring order in the world.
Rajnikant, like always, never disappoints his fans. But if you are not one of his worshippers, this is a strict warning to stay away. He has left no stone unturned to woo the rural audience. He has skated on railway tracks, saved the heroine from 20 goons alone, worn outlandish attire, walked sideways on the moving train, helped a woman deliver a baby in the labour room (as a robot, mind you), played the guitar, talked to mosquitoes (literally) and last but not the least, managed to woo Aishwarya without any qualms. If there is anything that prevents you from heading straight for the exit after the interval, it is him. No wonder the audience never tires of watching him.
But everything else in the movie is pretty average. The special effects, all copied ones, try hard but fail to make a mark. Aishwarya has mastered the art of playing  eye candy. Danny tries his best to make his character credible but his role is abruptly cut short. As for the music Rahman is out of form and disappoints big time. The lyrics are hilarious and probably lost in translation.

A sample:
Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro,
Ladki ko dekho, usko nihaaro,
Yaaron, yaaron…
Mohenjodaro, Mohenjodaro…
Ladki ko dekho, usko nihaaro,
Jungle jungle pukaro…
Yaaron, yaaron…