Sudipta Dey
The movie has an instant brand recall. And the brand recall value is so high, that the producers decided to change it into a film after five years of being off air (not taking into acccount the numerous re-runs). Khichdi has been one of the most popular comedy sit-coms in Indian television for many years. In 2005, it went off air because the producers, JD Majethia, who also plays Himanshu in the series, and writer director Aatish Kapadia, found it was getting monotonous. But in their last episode of the series, they promised that they would be back with a bang.  
You can call it a bang, if you consider the fact that this is the first television series in India that has been made into a film. Khichdi, which is releasing today, is the cinematic adaptation of the series that went on air in early 2000s on Star Plus, and came back with a second season called Instant Khichdi on Star One. But it went off air in 2005.
JD Majethia, producer-actor-playwright, shares his excitement, while jet-setting through the country attending the paid previews and special screening of Khichdi, in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai. “You would not believe, for the special preview we had in Ahmedabad the Chief Minister also attended the show,” says JD, exhilarated with excitement. He also adds, that Chitralekha, a Gujarati weekly magazine, which was supposed to celebrate its millennium issue (it started in 1950s) did a cover story on the film, postponing their plans of the special issue.
“In Mumbai, we had a word of mouth preview, where we didn’t publicise the preview, there we had 150 people extra than what we could accommodate in the theatre. We had to arrange for another show to seat them,” he added.
The line up remains the same except, Vandana Pathak, who played the the widowed daughter Jayashree, is replaced by Nimisha Vakharia, who is also a known face in television. “She had other family commitments for which she could not be a part of our film,” reasons JD.