Sudipta Dey
Film: Prem By Chance
Director: Sudeshna Roy & Abhijit Guha
Cast: Abir Chatterjee, Koel Mullick, Manoj Mitra, Biswajit Chakraborty, Dipankar De, Locket Chatterjee
Rate: Good

Tollywood has a new action hero, Abir Chatterjee. Director duo, Sudeshna-Abhijit, after delivering a hit like Cross Connection, has tried out something different in Prem By Chance. And if I may say so, it has shaped up quite well, better than most of Tollywood’s so-called commercial films of the season.
This one has it all, action, romance, comedy and family drama. The start is a bit abrupt, where the ‘hero’ ends up fighting the villain, Suman, but through a song sequence, Lotke debo. It was a revelation to watch Abir, after his portrayal of a sleuth in Byomkesh Bakshi, as a typical bostir chele. He is ill mannered, hot headed, street-smart Raju, who is unemployed and has no qualms about it. He gets into fights at the drop of his hat, so the audience can expect a high dose of action. The action director, Horse Babu who was the action director of Mangal Pandey, Satya and many other south Indian films, has kept out the clichés like people flying and jumping off buildings and kept the action scene realistically filmy. The tractor race was quite fun to watch, mostly for the commentary.
Though the film resembles Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi and also DDLJ, it has a well-knit plot. For some reason, Abir is forced to leave his hometown. This is when he meets Purna and goes with her to her parents place in Nashipur. The story really begins here. Trouble being his middle name, leaving his hometown does not keep him away from brawls. Here, he comes face to face with Bijoy (Arijit Dutta), the guy Purna is supposed to get married to, and thus begins yet-another series of fights.
There is nothing extraordinary exceptional about the film’s plot or the script but it is truly the actors who have made it worth a watch. Abir steals the show with his performance. Even when he shares screen space with Koel, all eyes are on Abir. The supporting cast, a pretty huge one at that, has done a brilliant job. Be it Manoj Mitra as dadu, Biswajit as the father of the bride or Dipankar De as the scheming friend, each actor challenges the other in terms of performance. The comic timing of the actors is superb.
Targetting the suburbs and the rural crowd, the film definitely has its high points. Certain songs like Ganjar chirol chirol paat, has a distinct folk touch to it, which adds to the sequence.