Paa is one film that has had people talking for more reasons than one


Nasreen Khan

 Abhishek looks hot and how! He is one daddy that the whole country has been going gaga over. His look in Paa, which recently won four National Awards, still has women drooling. Pray what makes Abhishek so desirable? “Look at him in Paa. He looks sweet and sexy at the same time. Every woman wants to take him home to mummy,” exclaims 38-year-old Nakhat Sultana, a lawyer at Kolkata High Court. “I had felt like rushing into his arms just from watching the promos of the film,” declares college-goer Shruti Jaiswal. “He’s really come of age I must say and looks dashing with those glasses,” agrees Gita Baral, mother of a teenage son. Yes, you got it! It’s those glasses. No doubt Abhishek’s performed well, but it’s the glasses that have women of all ages drooling over him. Glasses were always an important fashion accessory. Be it the glamorous or the nerdy, retro or chic there are numerous frames and styles available in the market. And it is no longer “guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”. Look at Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Her signature rimless glasses are hot fashion accessory. It’s not that glasses have suddenly appeared from nowhere. They have always been around. Remember the pogo glasses and the black square frames? It was only in the 90’s when contact lenses and especially coloured lenses came in that they went out of vogue. The old grandmother frames have always sat pretty on those who wanted to stand out in the crowd. Even actors started experimenting with eyewear and we had Preity Zinta sporting glasses in Kal Ho Na Ho and before her Hrithik Roshan sported a pair in Kaho Na Pyar Hai. But right now eye wear is the most ‘in’ thing. “To be honest I always liked my man with glasses. Even tried to make my boyfriend wear them even though the poor fellow didn’t need them!” chuckles Mita Banerjee, Bangalore based travel professional. “Strangely I didn’t like it when my husband took off glasses after his vision correction surgery,” confesses Mumbai based Sucheta Bhattacharya. And why should you go off your glasses when there are all kinds of options available? There are coloured frames, thick frames, narrow frames, rimless glasses, changeable frames and so much more. Today glasses are no more just for vision. They are much like the goggles that you select on the basis of your facial contours, your personality and lifestyle. “Glasses are more defined now,” shares designer and stylist Tejas Gandhi. A lot of people wear plain powerless glasses just to be fashionable. And with affluence being visible one gets to see frames, that are anything but cheap (albeit Chinese products making everything within everyone’s reach) being changed quite frequently. Seems like glasses are sitting pretty on almost everyone’s nose and calling for a change at the way we look. What with an over dose of sexuality all around the nerdy intelligent look is definitely what is appealing to everyone now. For designer Nil of Dev r Nil glasses are a style statement which the duo change every six months. “It’s the easiest way to change your facial look and go with the times,” he shares. Metrosexual look is passe says the designer and the androgenous look with lanky, unkempt guys with glasses turning the heat on. No wonder then that Abhishek has the women asking for more even though his look is anything but unkempt! n If you are the experimental types and use a lot of colour you can still go for coloured frames. Stress on the design and look for frames with interesting sidearms. n Wide rectangular frames look best on thin and oblong faces and are always in fashion. n Angular narrow eyeglass frames make a round face appear thinner and longer. n To keep the oval face’s natural balance, look for eyeglass frames that are wide. n A square face will look longer with narrow frame and it also softens the angles. n Those with dark skin tones should go for silver frames or even black with a bit of colour for a touch of contrast for a chic and sophisticated look. n Camel, khaki, gold, copper, peach, orange, coral, off-white, fire-engine red, warm blue and blond tortoise are good colour for those with peaches and cream complexion. n Those with olive skin tones the best eyeglass frame hues are black, rose-brown, blue-gray, plum, magenta, pink, jade, blue and darker tortoise.

 “Eyewear has a very strong intellectual, nerdy trend quotient and what it does for men is that it gives you that little bit of edge and you start looking very matured and responsible. It is almost like a man who you can take home to your mother. I think somewhere down the line it has a huge frivolous-control quotient. A man wearing glasses looks like someone who is educated, has studied, who thinks and probably takes responsibilities. There is certain amount of aura which is associated with it. Today if a woman is given a choice between choosing a reckless and daredevil kind of motorbike guy and someone who wears glasses and has a nine to five job and is responsible a lot of women will go for the latter. It is the security that comes with it and I think the look personifies that very strongly. A woman with glasses looks like someone who has a mind of her own. Fashion is about aspiration. And aspiration has a very psychological quotient. Whatever you don’t have you are willing to aspire to get that and so if a woman who is beautiful and yet wears glasses looks like someone who is independent and has a mind of her own. A classic example would be Jennifer Cavelleri from Love Story. She is the iconic girl who was young, poor, educated, independent, brilliant mind and she wore glasses! For Indian skin you should stick to dark brown and black. Tortoise shell looks very nice. Choose the frames depending on the length and width of your face. As for the colours, for example, someone with very dark eyebrows or someone like me who has a lot of facial hair covering half his face should refrain from wearing overtly dark glasses because then the face will become one black mask. Often pale people who wear dark glasses look very nice. Also dark glasses can compensate for very fine eyebrows as well. Depending on the width of your eyes and spacing between your brows and the length and breadth of your face glasses should be chosen” — Sabyasachi Mukherjee (Designer)

 “I liked Abhishek’s look in the film. It is normal and without any effect. It is how the role demanded it should be. I think he modelled it after two of his friends in politics — Mr Pilot and Mr Deora. I am no style icon and for me glasses are a personal choice. To me they are a necessary requirement for better vision. As a father I feel very proud to see my son not just excel in his acting but set a fashion trend as well. — Amitabh Bachchan

“My look was styled by Falguni Tha­kore. Both of us spent a lot of time with Balki working on the look. I am very happy with it. I personally love eyewear. Chrome hearts is a personal favourite.” — Abhishek Bachchan

“Geek look is in and spectacles are the new sunglasses. Solid blacks suit most faces but try whatever you fancy. Strangeness is considered cool so go ahead and be cool” — Anaita Adajania Shroff (Stylist)

“I started teaching a bit too young and my hair and eyewear became my identity so I couldn’t leave it. At a young age you try various things which are a little fancy and they have carried on with me. I enjoy them and they are more of a personal excitement than anything else. I like some very few designers and I like Cavalli and I wear them. I let myself have the luxury of wearing these geeky and sexy glasses if I may say so” — Arindam Choudhury (management guru)