Actor Dev adds more color to Soham-Raima’s TV stint on Mahuaa Bangla

Agnibho Gangopadhyay

High on glamour quotient, Rajarhat studio was buzzing with activities where Mahua Bangla show, Twinkle Twinkle Dancing Stars, was being shot. Actress Raima Sen who judges the show and the emerging star of Bengali films Soham, who hosts the show, were there to take care of the rest. But the reigning superstar of Tollywood, Dev upped the ante like no one else could.
Venkatesh Films, producers of the show, has left no stone unturned to make the show a success. An opulent set, with guest-stars gracing the show from time to time make for a unique way to groom the participating child-dance artsites of Bengal. A representative said, “We never cash on negativity, fights and dramatised conflicts to make this show popular. It runs on its own merit.”
Dev came to the show late in the evening with a two-pronged intention, inspiring and encouraging the children of the show, as also promoting his forthcoming film, Dui Prithibi, a Raj Chakraborty directorial. However, we managed to catch up with Soham and Raima right before the shoot started.
Soham, who won accolades for his performances in Prem Amar and Amanush, said, “I was chosen as the anchor because the producers thought I encapsulate the successful transformation of a child artiste into an accomplished actor.”
TV for him is homecoming of sorts, but Soham would concentrate on his film career after this. Soham is very close to the kids, he finds them super-talented and feels bad every time one of them is eliminated. “In fact, I urged the makers of this show to do away with the elimination process,” he added.
When asked about the way he dealt with guest-stars, he said, “There is healthy competition between us actors when it comes to on-screen performances. But outside, its a congenial atmosphere. Both Jeet, who came earlier, and Dev, who was expected, are his close friends. There is no amount of discomfort.” Soham also talked about the sensitivity that permeates the show. For example, the children of the show had been taken to an old-age home where they made the senior citizens take part in little gaieties. Soham informed that he was working on certain scripts, and his next film would be from the Venkatesh stable.
Raima’s job was more difficult than Soham’s responsibilities. She actually had to evaluate the kids in strict numerical terms. “It kills me to disappoint the hard-working children”, she rued. Raima was also impressed by the selection and training methods used in this show. “It’s top-class, but not overtly tough on the kids,” she added. When enquired on her credentials as a judge, she said candidly, “I do not know the technical nitty-gritties of dance, but I have an intuitive understanding of the holistic, aesthetic appeal of a perfromance.”
Like Soham, she also corroborated the fact that this show was really concerned about the mental and physical well-being of the kids. Talking about her forthcoming films, Raima informed, “I’ve quite a few lined up for release. Vinay Shukla’s Mirch, a multi-narrative film about women’s empowerment, a cinematic adaptation of Tagore’s novel Noukadubi and Sanjoy Ghosh’s Memories in March, which also stars Dipti Naval. Raima was vocal about the fact that even after this pleasant experience, she wouldn’t do any more TV any time soon.
By then, Dev reached the venue. He was kept away from the prying eyes of the media, to retain the surprise factor. Indeed, he emerged out of nowhere to storm the stage, as shooting began. The charismatic actor was in a light mood, sharing jokes and playing pranks, teaming up with his friend Soham. He also mouthed the hybrid language his character speaks in his film Dui Prithibi. On a more serious note, he said he was hugely impressed by the talent of the kids. However, he didn’t forget to promote his film, Dui Prithibi, explicitly. “This is a film which viewers of every age would find extremely entertaining”, Dev said.
The episode will be aired on September 29, on Mahuaa Bangla.