Shauli Chakraborty

Recently in town for the Burn MTV Ultimate DJ Championship — A Submerge Property, Nikhil Chinappa talked exclusively to The Bengal Post over the phone. Excerpts…

You’ve been hosting India’s Got Talent for two seasons now. What did you discover in the process?

It was fantastic doing the show. My father was in the Army and I have travelled to various parts of India. I thought I had seen quite a lot of India till I did the show. The auditions took us to places where we got to see different cultures and lots of talent. I was amazed at how much there was to see.

For ‘Burn MTV Ultimate DJ Championship — A Submerge Property’ what are the things you are looking for in a contestant?

Well… there are certain things a DJ must know. If he has to perform live he should be able to grasp the pulse of the crowd. He should know the kind of crowd he is playing for and be able to lead them on. For example it is important to know which two songs can be played together and which two cannot. The timing is also very important and the DJ must know what to play when.

What else?

See, every performance is about building a musical story. The idea is to keep the crowd entertained and bring them on to the dance floor. So knowledge of equipment, structure and mixing is a must. He/She needs to have a good personality and be nice to people around him. Sometimes being nice to people takes you a long way in life.

Is there any prize money for the winner?

No there is no prize money. But the winner will be groomed by MTV and Submerge. He/She will be nurtured and trained in the profession. He will gain a lot in the process because he gets to learn while on the job.

Is there an age limit? For how long can someone be a DJ?

No there is no age limit. One can be a DJ for as long as he wants to. As long as you get excited with something new and are willing to try your hand at it, you will never burn out. That way you retain the cutting edge and also get to know what is cool in music.

What tips will you like to give the candidates?

The most important thing is to be a good human being. Feel the music you play and everything else comes later.