Sudipta Dey
After putting Kolkata on the Fashion calendar, or so they claim, Mindscape One, previously known as the Mindscape Maestros, are making an attempt to put on their third fashion week, and this time they are calling it the Indian Fashion Carnival. Justified to call it a carnival as the show will only be on for three days, the Indian Fashion Carnival (IFC) will take place from September 10 to 12, at the Salt Lake Helipad Ground. The veue will have two green rooms, one main show area with a seating capacity of 600.
Though there had been enough glitches in the last two Fashion Weeks, the organizers had put up a commendable show, with nearly 25 designers from all over the country displaying their creations at the show. This time they are keeping it small with only 13 designers participating. Pratik Sen, director of Mindscape One, said, “We are trying to break the clutter of numerous fashion weeks that are happening all across the country and we have thus changed the format a bit. This time we will have a fashion carnival with quite a number of shows as well as a lot of other activities.”
The organizers had conceptualized the Earth Couture, following the United Nation’s dictate for the year. The UN has announced the year 2010 to be the ‘Year of the Weaver’ and the motto ‘Save the Weavers’. The IFC will pay its tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and his trademark — the khadi. “Khadi is the most important fabric of the country and its time we start supporting the weavers and promote the fabric,” reasons Sen. He also announced that all the designers will be showcasing a collection that has been predominantly made of khadi.
Interestingly, Sen says that he is not trying to make it a “glamorous event,” with showstoppers and celebrities.
“We are looking at it as a B2B event with a lot more emphasis on business and less on the glamour quotient. But of course, since it is a fashion event, it will have its own charm.” He adds, “We already have two national buyers, one each from US, Dubai and Hong Kong.”
A lot was promised last time, but little delivered in terms of business. Though the designers are ready to endorse the natural fibre, we will only know the business prospects of the fashion carnival once it starts.