Rupa Ganguly Talukdar
Dhwani, a multi-lingual band, founded in 2002, specialises in theme-based concerts. With several concerts to their credit, the quartet of singers from Kolkata still choose the unique way to thank the teaching fraternity who are constantly engaged in shaping young lives. “This was just our way of saying you are great and we love you,” they told PostScript.
How did the show with Shah Rukh at ITC happen?
The show at the Pala banquets, ITC, happened at a very short notice. Being the brand ambassador of Linc, SRK was in the city to launch A2X gel pens. Linc wanted some entertaining show in the evening and since we have been associated with them for the last two years, they opted for us. But yes it gave us a lot of footage and has been one of the highlights of our career.
Will Dhwani still continue to do ‘To teachers with love’ ?
Of course! Come September and we are on with ‘To teachers with love’ a programme that was started as a tribute to teachers four years ago. This is our special way of saying ‘a big thank you’. We know that we are slightly late but in Kolkata but it is the fourth year of this special programme. This unique concept of reserving entertainment solely for teachers saw an overwhelming response in the first year and so we decided to continue with it. For the first two years we performed in Kolkata only but later we included a few more cities in the list. This year we have planned it out in 12 cities across the country. There is no commercial interest involved here. This show gives us a kind of satisfaction that we would never be able to actually express through words.
You usually sing songs that have already been a hit. Do you do original compositions as well?
We did some. Even today when we performed we began with an original composition. The lyrics actually conveyed what we had planned to do in the show. We have several other compositions as well.
So how about releasing an album of your own now?
Releasing an album involves a lot of money. Right now we are not in a position to gamble so much money. The music industry is also not doing too well. Moreover we believe in going slowly and steadily. The time is just not ripe to release an album. At present we are just happy doing what we do, i.e. stage shows. This way you can actually feel the pulse of the audience and its just great to get the reaction instantly.
How does Dhwani sustain itself in this competitive market?
The USP of Dhwani is its packaging. We know that presentation sells and so we try to do it differently. Apart from being multi-lingual, we conteptualise each show and present it differently each time. Our shows lack the monotony and that is the secret behind our success.
What are your future projects? How does Dhwani see itself five years down the line?
Till September 14 we will be busy with ‘To teachers with love’ and tour across the country. But after that we plan to hold a special programme solely for the Bengali community. It will comprise Bengali adhunik songs but again we will present it differently. Five years from now, we dream of Dhwani as a brand like Boney M or Abba. We’ll keep making good music.