Sudipta Dey
Tagore is an integral part of every Bengali’s psyche and Tanmoy Bose is no exception. The ace percussionist has imbibed the Tagorean philosophy, which has also helped him to better his musical career.
Recently he has launched his album, Baul & Beyond, a project that he has been working on for years. Along with his friend and a talented singer Anushe, Bose tries out the other side of his passion, and that is baul. “The baul philosophy has a lot to offer us, the way of life and the concept of sadan bhajan… basically submitting yourself to daily riyaz,” says Bose, who is majorly influenced by the works of Rabi baul and Lalan Fakir.
Bose has been instrumental in taking baul music to the world, treading the path taken by Padan Das baul and others, and reaching out to the world. With his Baul & Beyond, he has not only toured across the country, but also given a chance to a number of bauls from different regions of West Bengal like Nadia, Kushtiya etc. “The problem is that there are many musical outfits who try to ape the bauls and sing their songs. But that is not the true form of music. Even if one wants to propagate the philosophy, they need to have a baul with you,” says Bose.
His next project is an album in which he will capture the sound of all the native drums from different countries around the world. The project is called ‘Earth Drumming’. He has already been to places like Iran, Brazil, South India to name a few. He will go to Germany, Egypt and Turkey. “This will take me a little more than a year,” he signs off.